My name is Blake Edwards / Dark Element, and I am currently a machine learning programmer / scientist with the Tuberculosis Group in the Microbiology Department at Colorado State University, where I am currently majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

I worked with jobs mostly pertaining to web development for about two years, and did all sorts of my own programming projects pertaining to many different fields in my free time before starting with Machine Learning eight months ago. You can find many of my projects I’ve done before Machine Learning and with Machine Learning¬†on my Github,¬†however I will likely continue to work on Machine Learning-related projects in my free time, as I do now.

I started this blog to give overarching down-to-fundamental explanations of machine learning algorithms where I feel resources are scattered, sparse, advanced, etc, and to detail my own projects, when they use novel learning algorithms or I consider them good enough to warrant a post.

I am happy to help any way I can, so feel free to get in touch with me!